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Why uncovering your unconscious beliefs matters

Your potential is limitless.


The problem is—you don't know how to access it. All the self-improvement courses you've done and all the books you've read hasn't translated to a life full of abundance and success that you know it should.


That's because the unconscious beliefs you hold are in opposition to what you want to create in life.


The famous psychologist Jean Martin Charcot said, "If there were a conflict between the will and the unconscious, the unconscious would always prevail.”


Your unconscious beliefs are deeply buried and difficult to change. But once you see them, you will be able to breakthrough them and live a life where you take control.


Join my free 90 minute webinar and I’ll show you:

  • The 12 specific underlying beliefs that are unconsciously holding you back

  • The most powerful technique to break through your upper limits of your beliefs


I know your time is precious, so I’ve crafted this webinar with everything you need to know to help you finally break free from limiting beliefs and into your potential.


I'm Kat

Transformation Coach

I’m all about creating a magical life by simply changing the structures in your life.


I've spent years pouring through books and attending courses, searching for the answer to getting more out of my life.


And after all that self-help and looking, I feel that search is finally over. 


I am now on a mission of reaching my full potential and I'm making it my mission to help you find yours.

What people say

This workshop hit the nail on the head for me. I've always enjoyed self-inquiry and attending this helped me put everything together. It gave me the opportunity to identify the ways in which I hold myself back. Kat worked with me in uncovering the deep-seated story that whispered and persuaded my thoughts and actions. Encouraging me to acknowledge and befriend my fear, a fear that has protected me but can now be peacefully put to rest.


I feel refreshed, my dreams have changed, there's now space for wild and nerve-racking wants and also room for more simple and earthly desires.

Jennifer Ferguson
Artist, Melbourne

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