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The path to power - the key to fast tracking your success

Updated: Jun 5, 2019

The path to power is a simple concept yet has served me to take powerful actions to start a workshop business, a coaching business, a book and a blog.

The path to power means doing the things which are going to give you the best result for your limited time and effort.

It’s simple, really.

In other words, your path to power means focusing (and acting) on the things that are going to give you the highest return on investment.


My coach gave me a great example which really left an impression, so I share it with you now.

Let’s say you are a personal development coach.

Now, there’s two types of coaches. All of them have walked a similar path. They’ve done some courses, got inspired and motivated, became accredited and then launch their business.

But there’s one type of coach that scrambles for clients. They reach out to easy targets and lure with cheap prices. They end up getting clients who are not willing to do the work, don’t get results quick and then move onto the next promising ‘get rich quick’ scheme, causing the coach to have to scramble for the next lot of clients.

Then there are coaches out there who are charging $200,000 a year for their coaching services to a company, coaching the executive team, working only a few hours a week. They’ve also done the accreditations, but their package is tailored towards the heavy hitters who need the no bullshit version of the work and are completely willing to do the work.

So here is the crucial question. Do you take the actions to become the coach who scrambles for $50/hour clients, or do you take the actions to become a corporate coach that gets $1000/hour? Because the truth is, to be either coach, you still have to do work.

You could spend a lot of energy getting clients that pay you very little, or you could spend your energy to get the clients that pay you thousands of dollars an hour. The only difference between you and the thousands is a choice.


Especially when you are just starting out on your business, passion or venture, it is easy to get overwhelmed with where to start, what to do, am I ready enough? But actually, the answer to ‘where to start’ is much simpler than you think.

Do the thing which is going to bring the greatest result for you to become successful at that thing.

When I first started on the block as a personal development trainer, I had never ran a workshop before, but with a goal scratched out on paper and the knowledge that tension was good, I was ready to go for it.

So, what was my path to power at this point?

Having never run workshops before, I knew that the thing that was going to give me the best outcome was to just start running them.

My first workshop was rubbish. I was nervous, bumbling, I read off the paper, I missed a few key messages. But you see, if I’m going to run a successful training business, I need to get better at running workshops.

And the action I could take to become a better trainer was to start running workshops.

I’ve now done enough workshops to have confidence that I can do it and after a few workshops now, I have refined my messaging.

Now I move onto my next path to power action which is to start marketing to a wider audience and towards a clientele that are willing to pay more for my services and to make my business as viable and profitable as possible. Also, to continue to increase my experience, which will allow me to become better and more expert in my field.


I have a friend who is known for being productive. He could spend the entire day with his head down getting stuff done (much to my envy). He is currently trying to become an online music teacher. His actions to date include

Website ✓ Lead magnet eBook ✓ Intro videos ✓

After sometime, he felt that he was not getting the traction he wanted and lamented to me. Knowing this principle, I knew what was wrong.

‘You haven’t created your online course yet, so no one has paid you for your services.’ He was acting getting ready for his goals, things that might be nice to have, but he wasn’t doing the things that were going to make him a successful online music teacher the fastest, which is to create his course and become an online music teacher.

He wasn’t on his path to power.

A gentle prod in the right direction, and he is heads down, bums up creating his course now.

So ask yourself this - what is my path to power to creating the things I want in my life? What is the thing I can do which will give me the best result in creating what I would love in my life?

Your creations await you. Get on your path to power.

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